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Will I Get Trained?

Yes! We will give you the tools, training, and support to succeed here at camp. All counselors will participate in our comprehensive staff training program.

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When Will I Get Paid?

Paychecks are distributed four times during the season including a final one upon successful completion of contract terms.

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Do I Need My Own Gear?

The camp will provide you with the equipment necessary to carry out all aspects of the job. You are more than welcome to bring your own gear as well.

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What Will A Camp Counselor Job Look Like on My Resumé?

Summer Camp jobs are an incredibly valuable thing to have on a resumé. Future employers see benefits in potential employees who demonstrate the responsibility and work ethic it takes to work at camp.

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Is There a Uniform Requirement?

No. Similar to campers, we ask Adirondack counselors to wear a grey staff shirt and khaki shorts or pants from Retreat (formal flag-lowering ceremony before dinner) through dinner to the end of the evening. All Staff are expected to wear attire and footwear that is appropriate for activity and occasion at camp.

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How Much Time Do I Get Off?

Counselors get one full day and night off during the week. The Staff Room has internet and is available during time off.

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Where Do I Sleep?

Counselors will be sharing lodging with campers in our beautiful, open air cabins. Fall asleep each night to the sound of waves lapping on the lake shore, and wake up every morning to the sounds of nature coming to life.

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Can I Smoke/Vape?

You can not smoke or vape on the peninsula. When you are on your off-time out of Camp you may smoke or vape, presuming it is legal where you may be.

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Can I Bring My Phone?

Take a technology break and lead by example. Staff are not permitted to be on their phones during working hours.

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Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is required for all staff. All international and domestic staff must be adequately insured in the United States and provide proof of insurance.

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Do I Need Vaccinations?

Adirondack Camp requires that all staff be current for vaccinations, including complete COVID-19 vaccinations (two weeks post 2nd dose).*

*If you live overseas and do not have access to COVID vaccinations and/or have health-related concerns, please contact us directly. Last summer, we were able to vaccinate many of our international staff on-site upon arrival. Please note, Adirondack Camp will continue to monitor CDC recommendations regarding COVID boosters and will let staff know of any potential requirements.