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We have the highest expectations of our staff. Taking care of children is fun and serious. Many days are long days. At Camp we work until the job is done, and we do it with a good attitude! The ADK leadership care about you and your well-being. Camp provides the necessary support and oversight that you need to do your job well.

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We expect you to maintain high standards of health and safety for campers and staff.

  • Provide for the physical, psychological, and emotional care of each camper within your supervision, including personal health needs.
  • Assist campers with personal, interpersonal, and health issues and discuss with camp health manager, supervisor, and/or camp director/assistant director as appropriate.
  • Ensure that campers and staff follow all established safety procedures for trips, including providing a safety orientation, safety checking equipment, and ensuring the proper use of given equipment.
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You will assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in the cabin:

  • Live in a cabin with 12-16 campers and co-counselors
  • Communicate effectively with co-counselors to provide support and consistent, positive discipline when needed.
  • Actively work to help campers develop friendships, demonstrate respect for others, and grow in leadership and responsibility.
  • Maintain a clean personal space within the cabin.
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We all are responsible for the management and care of the physical facilities, equipment, and all Adirondack Camp areas, including all activity areas.

  • Conduct an inspection of all equipment before and after each use, including checks for safety, cleanliness, and good repair.
  • Conduct vehicle safety checks according to established written procedures.
  • Conduct vehicle cleanliness checks before and after each use. Clean if necessary.
  • Immediately report maintenance and/or equipment concerns and any hazards to your supervisor.
  • Responsible for seeing that your cabin and activity areas are cleaned daily according to established procedures. Assist with work details as needed.