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A Typical Day at Camp

Now Hear This!

There Are No Watches at Camp

Our bugler walks the peninsula, waking us with Reveille and putting us to bed with Taps. Rather than the ticking of a clock, we choose the lapping of the lake, the wind in the trees, and the music on the air — all part of this rustic, wondrous, summer adventure.

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Wake up Call

Wake up to ‘Reveille’ played by a live bugler. Camp’s whole day runs and transitions with our bugle calls. Time to rouse your campers, make your bed, put bug nets up, and shower if it’s your cabin’s shower time.

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Enjoy an all-camp breakfast with your cabin in our vintage, open-air Dining Hall with a beautiful stone fireplace. Cabins eat fresh, diverse food family-style at every meal. There’s always a lot of singing and chanting after each meal! Before you know it you’ll be singing our songs like they’ve always been yours.

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Clean Up Time

It’s back to the cabins to clean up as a team before inspection. It’s your job to support the kids as they organize their trunks, brush teeth, check drying racks, and sweep the floor. Everyone has a job and does their part.

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Cabin Inspection

Inspection is led by another cabin’s counselor. A point-based criteria scores the cabin and campers’ overall cleanliness every day. Cabins strive to have the honor of hanging the Inspection Banner for the week for the highest score among their age group.

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First Activity Period

Each period lasts about an hour. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the campers in your activity are safe, learning, and having a good time. You’ll have the same campers in your activity for a week so you’ll have ample time to get to know the kids, where their skill levels are, and to help them grow. It’s great fun and you will share in their successes!

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Second Activity Period

On to the next! Some activities like rock climbing and sailing are a double period. No matter which activity you instruct, you’ll enjoy seeing kids discover new things about themselves as you teach and challenge them.

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General Swim

Supervise your campers while they play in the water, read, or relax in the cabin before lunch.

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Cabin Waiters to Dining Hall

Be sure to send your cabin representatives to set up your cabin’s table for lunch.

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Yum! On offer is a full salad bar, soup of the day, and lots of options of fresh, delicious food to eat. It’s family-style again by cabin in our breezy, airy Dining Hall. You’re right in the mix, just like a parent, making sure everyone gets a healthy lunch, that no one hogs all of the good stuff for themself, and that picky eaters and people with allergies are getting what they need.

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Rest hour

Everybody enjoys a quiet, relaxing rest hour in their cabins to recharge. Campers may read, take a nap, write letters home, or play card games with friends. You’ll be staying awake and participating when needed. Part of being a good counselor is joining in conversations, and sometimes steering things away from an argument or inappropriate topics.

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Adventure Period

The third activity period of the day features rotating, unique activities that change each week. Popular adventure periods might include Zumba, SUP-Yoga, Grilling Down Under, borg ball, and chillin’ at the flagpole. You’ll have the opportunity to share your own ideas and lead adventures too!

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Cookie Break

Rangers bring a quick snack of bug juice and a yummy cookie to every camper. Chocolate chip or oatmeal rasin? Snickerdoodle or sugar cookie? You never know what Chef Fernando will make each day.

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Fourth Activity Period

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Fifth Activity Period

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Back to the Cabin

Head back to get yourself and your campers changed into your camp uniforms before Retreat.

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A long-standing Adrondack Camp military-style tradition where all of Camp stands in formation by cabin. Led by our Camp Director, attendance is taken before the bugle call ‘Retreat’ is played by our live bugler.

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Everyone feasts on delicious food after a packed day of activities and crazy fun. Two days a week, we enjoy a BBQ and eat outside.

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Evening Activity

After dinner, there’s a different activity each night of the week. They range from Cabin and Line Nights, tubing, and color war, to dances, Gathering, and open play time in the water and on the ballfield. Your involvement will vary based on the activity. You might be dancing and chaperoning, up on stage performing, cheering for the color war teams, reffing a kickbal game, or it might be your night off.

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Call to Quarters.

If you’re in a junior or intermediate cabin, your and your campers go back to get ready for bed, brush teeth, put on pajamas, and get your campers tucked in! If you’re on duty you’ll be winding down your day as well.

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First Taps

Taps is played by our bugler. During Taps, all flashlights/headlamps are turned off, talking stops, and everybody pauses what they’re doing. We do this in honor of those who have passed and to also reflect on the day. If you’re “in camp” you’ll probably head over to the staff lounge to check email, talk with friends, watch a movie, or find some other quiet activity on the peninsula.

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Second Taps

Taps is played a second time and signals the end of the day. The final bugle call means lights out for all campers. If you’re a counselor on the senior line this is when you’ll be heading to the cabin with your campers.

Everyone at ADK loves to fall asleep to the calming sounds of Lake George and enjoy the cool breeze before you wake up and do it all over again!


Every evening at ADK is different and full of fun. There are campfires and dances, movies and Blue/White events, performances and ceremonies — every night has some special activity. Many are large, Camp-wide events and some are smaller, cabin or line nights, or fun activities organized by gender or age.


Saturday & Sunday are a break from our regularly scheduled activities.

Saturdays start with waffles and cartoons in the Dining Hall, but there is no reveille bugle so you can choose to sleep in until 8:30am if you want. Saturday mornings are “Line-up, Sign-up” — open activities your campers can choose for the morning. In the afternoons we have our summer-long Blue/White color war competition. Saturday nights are barbecue and a dance!

After a later breakfast and an optional trip to church, Sundays are Special Days. Staff get creative and dress up as characters or as part of a theme in order to play large camp-wide games such as Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Gold Rush, Boulderdash, or go on a scavenger hunt, or look for puzzle solutions across the peninsula. We finish our Sundays with Gathering to watch the sunset and reflect as a community at the tip of the peninsula.