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About the Job

And Why Camp Looks Great on Your Resumé

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Your First Real Job

For many counselors, this is the first “real” job they will have. While you may think being a camp counselor is all fun and games (which is a big part of it), the truth is that working at our summer camp provides a host of benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Most summer jobs or internships are full of “busy-work” that full-time employees don’t want to do. At Adirondack Camp, you are part of a team where everyone pulls his or her own weight to make the experience one to remember, for both the campers and the staff.

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If you want to push paper all summer, and fly under the radar, this isn’t the job for you. When you work at camp, you’ll have a chance to work on your communication and problem solving abilities on a daily basis, as well as time management, and conflict resolution (among a host of other skills). You’ll be given responsibilities that you can handle, and will have the chance to present your own ideas to improve the overall experience for everyone!

Aside from the job itself, working at camp gives you a chance to connect with our robust alumni network. Having been around for over 100 years, Adirondack Camp has had thousands of people attend, and go on to some of the most prominent positions in their respective fields. Want to meet a lawyer who owns their own firm? Do you want to get connected with medical, political or financial professionals to further your own career? Working at camp gives you access to these opportunities, simply because counselors before you have gone above and beyond to make our camp a magical experience for those attending (and the parents who send their kids here).

The best job of your life is just a click away, so apply today!

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The International Advantage

About 20% of our campers (and many of our counselors) come to us from different countries around the planet. We take great pride in our rich, global community. Sharing different cultural traditions such as celebrating Bastille Day, learning Poi from our New Zealanders, and passionate cheering for ADK World Cup teams only adds to the fun! When you join the ADK family for a summer, your country’s flag will proudly hang in our Dining Hall next to all the other countries represented.